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General Questions

1. Outside of Battery repair and maintenance, does Daceen-sz offer Battery Chargers and Battery Testers?

2. Is it possible to recover a dead battery with charging unacceptance which is unsold or in stock for long time?

3. How long does a battery desulphation repairing process?

4. What makes Daceen-sz products different from other battery charger and maintenance products available on the market?

5. Can they be used on more than one cell at a time?

6. Which product should I use when storing my car or truck for long periods of time?

7. What is the meaning of [off line battery repair"

8. Will battery protectors benefit or harmful to other electrical components on my vehicle?

9. Outside of sulfation damage, what are other common causes of battery failure that Daceen-sz Technology will help?

10. Outside of Flooded batteries, will Daceen-sz products work on GEL or AGM cell batteries?

11. How quickly will sulfation buildup occur on a brand new battery? And how quickly will sulfation re-buildup occur after being repaired

12. Since sulfate buildup occurs more often with infrequently-used batteries, will I need Daceen-sz Technology even if a vehicle is operated on a frequent basis, like a car, truck, forklift, and E-Vehicles?

13. Is it true that charging batteries in reverse polarity will desulfate the plates and prepare it for a better recharge?

14. How about the large current maintenance tools and chemical liquid addition method?

15. Will weather or temperature affect my battery?

16. Will Daceen-sz products, such as protector and chargers damage electrical systems on cars and other E-vehicles?

17. Will Daceen-sz products repair battery for many times?

18. How do we believe that your technology is a kind of non-damaged desulfation method?

19. Do any Daceen-sz products work on 6V/8V/48V/60V/72V lead-acid batteries or banks?