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Military Appilications

It is the Functional Validation and Application History list in China PLA Military and Ordnance Engineering College: Department of Missile Engineering--Transmission laboratory

From 1999/Oct, Tests conducted by China PLA, General Staff Department and Military Region of Guangzhou & Ji'nan.


Case Sample 1: The General Reserve Department of PLA--Ordnance Engineering College: Department of Missile Engineering--Transmission laboratory conduct the following identification for repair of discarded batteries by using our pulse repair technology:

  1. In May 2008, Department of Missile Engineering selected the batteries without deformed appearance and its polar plate has no obvious corrosion, but due to low voltage (1.12V-8.0V), the battery (Used for 4 years) is stored in warehouse for a long time after being discarded.
  2. When distilled water is supplemented and our pulse repair instrument is installed, after 72 hrs of repair and charge-discharge cycles, part of battery has been repaired for 2 times cycle. Excluding the battery with cells plate damaged, capacity of other sulphated batteries rise significantly (increase by 52%-98%)
  3. Liu Dongsheng, a professor from Department of Missile Engineering of Ordnance Engineering College--published his academic paper titled as <Military Storage Battery Automatic Maintenance System> in June 2010. The paper explains the application of intelligent repair technology using our company's equipment and power supply recovery of various vehicles and weapon system using our company`s technology. It proves that the technology can save military expenditure and promote emergency fighting ability.

Military2 University

Case Sample 2: Guangzhou military region of People's Liberation Army: the identification conducted by vehicle and ship equipment warehouse using our company`s repair technology is as follows:

  1. In December 1999, vehicle and ship equipment warehouse in Guangzhou military region selected the batteries (including maintenance-free batteries) produced in 1985-1997 which come from different manufacturer brands with different capacity. For the 14 PCS batteries without obvious deformation on appearance and corrosion on its cell plates appearance, it stored in warehouse for a long time but not subject to maintenance after being discarded, our equipment technology can be applied to repair such batteries for 1 to 2 cycles. Among the 14 PCS batteries, capacity of 2 batteries rises up to above 87%, that of 9 batteries above 92% which is close to rated capacity of new battery. And the other batteries with damaged plates also at least rise up to above 20%.
  2. After that, our products are used in troops for a long time until now


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